KCL Wilderness Medicine Society is about medicine and research in places where others won’t go. Focussing on pre-hospital care of casualties in the wilderness, we explore problems created by working in environments ranging from disaster zones and humanitarian crises to high altitude, space and polar regions. If this stuff gets you going then make sure you join up to receive all the latest information about the society. And don’t think we’re all medical students – we welcome all students at King’s!

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Despite being a relatively new society at King’s we have been extremely active over the past 5 years, and were voted KCLSU Best New Society in our first year. Over previous years we have heard from an A&E doctor who spent 6 months in Antarctica, along with a final year KCL medical student who skied to the South Pole. Our Extreme Medicine Conference has had guest speakers such as David Nott, a surgeon who had recently worked in Aleppo, Syria and Lt Col Stephen Lewis a consultant intensivist with the Royal Army Medical Corps who worked in Sierra Leone in the height of the recent Ebola outbreak. Previous years have had packed programmes, with a great lecture series, joint conferences with the emergency medicine society and expeditions to the Pyrenees, Montenegro and the Alps. This year we have even bigger plans with an expanded training course and more trips in the works, so be sure to keep an eye on our upcoming events and upcoming trips!