Expedition Antarctica, February 2014

Expedition Antarctica

Thursday 6 February, 7pm, Harris Lecture Theatre, Guy’s Campus

Join us for our next speaker event ‘Expedition Antarctica’, which will be exploring the challenges of life in Antarctica and the lessons to be learned from its exploration. Dr Alexander Kumar and Dr Claire Lehman will be providing personal insight from their experiences of living and working in Antarctica, where during the Antarctic winter the sun fails to rise above the horizon for 3 months and explaining what drew them to this frozen desert.

Working as the lone doctor at the Concordia Antarctic research station, Dr Kumar spent a year (2012) carrying out human space flight research on behalf of the European Space Agency. The research was conducted in an attempt to understand how far human physiology and psychology can be pushed towards a future manned mission to Mars. In 2013 Dr Kumar returned to the frozen continent to join the ‘Shackleton Epic Expedition’ as expedition doctor, which recreated Sir Ernest Shackleton’s famous escape from Antarctica and was filmed for the Discovery Channel. In the same year, Dr Kumar oversaw the implementation of the research project he developed in collaboration with Dr Mike Stroud and KCL Centre of Human and Aerospace Physiological Science (CHAPS). The White Mars human science space analogue study for Sir Ranulph Fiennes ‘Coldest Journey’ (Trans-Antarctic Winter Traverse), hopes to provide insight into the challenges of sending a manned mission to Mars.

Inspired by the potential of working as a doctor for the British Antarctic Survey whilst still at medical school, Dr Claire Lehman didn’t give up on her dream and in 2009 travelled to Antarctica to begin her 18 month long stay at the Rothera research base as the base doctor.

We do hope you can join us for what is sure to be a fascinating talk!